The Givray Leadership Framework - the Four Domains

The Givray Leadership Framework comprises four domains of character traits, competencies, and behaviors & practices that define and measure leadership capacity and performance. To earn leadership's invitation and deliver on its promise, you must be and do in all four domains.

Leadership is only given willingly by others based on...

1. Who You Are
This is not about your public persona, but about who you are at the core, as defined by your life purpose, your professional mission, your spoken and lived values, your beliefs and assumptions, and your dreams and aspirations. Developing and possessing requisite skills and knowledge may help you attain a position of authority or power. But it's your character that others will judge before they agree to be led by you. Those who earn leadership's invitation and deliver on its promise answer the question of character by choosing and exemplifying certain essential and non-negotiable distinguishing qualities as specified within the Leadership Framework.

2. What You Do (and how you do it)
What you do is the application of your natural talents, accumulated knowledge, gained experience and developed skills, manifested through your behaviors, habits and practices, based on a prioritized allocation of your time, energy and heart. Each of us must perform various duties and tasks based on our position and responsibilities. However, those who aspire to earn leadership's invitation and are committed to deliver on its promise place the highest priority on doing certain things; within the Leadership Framework, these are the essential 10.

Leadership is revealed by...

3. What You Inspire
To inspire is to elicit positive actions, emotions and behaviors in others without the promise of reward or the threat of punishment. Inspiration is different from motivation. Motivation's source of influence is often the carrot and/or stick, but inspiration comes from the heart and it flows naturally and willingly. Within the Leadership Framework, there are 12 human elements that true leaders inspire. Their real and pervasive existence is essential to achieve sustainable success, vitality and long-term endurance regardless of the inevitable up and down cycles or unpredictable shocks to the general economy or specific industry. The Leadership Framework specifies the hallmark attributes that allow true leaders to inspire.

4. What You Enable
In the context of leadership, to enable is to produce tangible outcomes through others. To ensure the organizations they serve remain vital, value-creating and sustainable, true leaders enable 10 key outcomes that are specified within the Leadership Framework. To enable these outcomes, leaders not only imagine and communicate a better future state, they create the conditions to achieve it. In this way, leadership is as much about providing the means as it is about pointing the way. The Leadership Framework specifies the fundamentals of enabling that true leaders consistently practice and hone.

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