The SmithBucklin Leadership Institute is an intensive, high-impact, six-month program that exposes a small, diverse group of volunteer board members to leadership concepts, principles and guidelines. The program's overarching goal is to build leadership capacity and performance within the boards of SmithBucklin's client organizations. The Leadership Institute's unique design relies heavily on active facilitation, reading, invited guests, homework assignments, lecturettes, exercises and activities. These elements provoke, stimulate, provide context, illuminate ideas and create an environment for leadership learning, self-discovery and personal growth.
The program's content is based on the leadership framework developed by Henry S. Givray, former CEO and Chairman of the Board of SmithBucklin. As a lifelong student of leadership, Givray recognizes the integral role that leadership plays in ensuring volunteer-governed organizations remain vital, value-creating and sustainable. Building upon the success of the company's Leadership Learning Forum, Givray created the Leadership Institute to deliver similar value to client organizations. Givray is the lead facilitator for all sessions and Chris Peck, senior director, Education & Learning Services at SmithBucklin, serves as co-facilitator.
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