Henry Givray
Henry S. Givray
Chairman of the Board

Henry S. Givray currently serves as Chairman of the SmithBucklin Board of Directors, He rejoined SmithBucklin in August 2002, serving as the company's President & Chief Executive Officer through December 2015. During his 13 years with the company from 1983 to 1996, Henry served as chief staff executive for a variety of client associations in addition to handling other corporate responsibilities.

One of Henry's first steps upon returning to SmithBucklin was to ensure all employees embrace a well-articulated culture that helps guide and inspire them to provide extraordinary service and create value for client organizations. His success in building this vital culture is prominently featured in the 2006 book by Randy Pennington, Results Rule! Build a Culture that Blows the Competition Away.

Fulfilling his vision and dream to make SmithBucklin a 100-percent-employee-owned company, Henry led the transfer of the company's ownership from its financial investors to its employees in 2005. The SmithBucklin Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) allows every employee, regardless of position, tenure or compensation, an equal opportunity to acquire ownership in the company.

Recognizing that growing leaders from within is essential to an organization's enduring success and vitality, Henry created and facilitates two intensive, high-impact leadership learning programs. The SmithBucklin Leadership Learning Forum is a nine-month program for top-performing employees at various levels within the company. The SmithBucklin Leadership Institute is a six-month experience for board members of SmithBucklin client associations. Both expose a small group of students to leadership concepts, principles and guidelines based on a leadership framework developed by Henry. The unique design of both programs relies heavily on active facilitation, advanced reading, invited guests, homework assignments, lecturettes, exercises and activities. These elements provoke, stimulate, provide context, illuminate ideas and create an environment for leadership learning, self-discovery and personal growth.

Henry is a dedicated, ongoing student of leadership, committed to speaking and writing as a way to serve others. Henry's insights and ideas on leadership have been prominently featured in business books and top national news media. He has been invited to speak at association conferences, corporate meetings and educational forums. His engaging presentation, Leadership's Calling® (www.leadershipscalling.com), offers attendees unique insights and foundational principles around leadership, introduces a working framework to better understand and measure leadership capacity and performance, and provides practical tools and ideas for everyday use.

Prior to rejoining SmithBucklin as CEO, Henry served as chairman, president and CEO of CourtLink Corporation, an online service for retrieving court records and electronically filing legal documents to and from our nation's courts. In December 2001, Henry led the successful sale of CourtLink to LexisNexis, a leading global provider of information to legal, corporate, government and academic markets.

Henry also earlier served as president and COO of Giga Information Group, an information technology services company founded by Gideon Gartner, founder and former chairman of The Gartner Group. Earlier in his career, he held management, marketing and consulting positions with Interactive Data Corporation, Ernst & Young and Xerox Corporation.

Henry holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Chicago and both a B.S. and M.E. in operations research from Cornell University.

Chris Peck
Christine Murphy Peck
Senior Director, Education & Learning Services

Christine Murphy Peck has more than 32 years of experience in the nonprofit sector in the areas of certification management, education strategy development, corporate education, facilitation, and strategic planning. A 29-year veteran of SmithBucklin, she has served in numerous roles, includes associate executive director of Lamaze International and CEO of the International Association of Accessibility Professionals. She currently is responsible for leading and implementing educational strategy, program design and delivery, eLearning, certification and accreditation practices, with a focus on outcomes and client growth. Under her leadership, client organizations have experienced significant increases in revenue for their programs, products and services - in one case, by as much as 265 percent.

Outside of her SmithBucklin experience, Christine served seven years as the director of education and learning at the U.S. Tennis Association, where she established a full-service educational center providing professional development and educational resources to staff and volunteers in more than 1,000 community-based organizations. She is also the founder of Peck Performance Group, a consulting practice serving clients in the areas of education, training and organizational development.

Christine is a long-time member of the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) and speaks frequently on current certification and education trends and best practices. She holds a bachelor's degree in French from the College of St. Benedict in St. Joseph, MN. and is certified to administer the Myers- Briggs Type Indicator©, the DiSC and is a DDI Certified Facilitator.

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